Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunday {Family Day}

Last Sunday it was really beautiful and we needed some fresh air, so we decided to get out of the house and go for a walk in the park. Cincinnati has many beautiful parks. One of our favorite's is down by the  Ohio River. I forget the name... I could google it, but I am too lazy today. :)

I had the bright idea that we should try to get a group photo. My arms are obviously waaay shorter than I thought. This photo cracks me up- it is so US.

There is nothing sweeter than when Norah wants to hold daddy's hand while he walks and she rides in the stroller. She does not have to, she just wants to.

We took a break from our strolling and let Norah play. She had a lot of fun, and was able to expend some of her over-abundant energy.

Getting ready to go down the slide...

Her hair is standing on end from the static electricity. :)

I do not like having my pictures taken these days, but after reading this article I decided that "getting in the picture" here and there is more important than my list of insecurities.
I am holding my sweet baby girl and I love her. And, I think that shows. Someday, Norah may want to look back and see her mommy and herself together, having fun and being silly. 
(Truth is, someday, I'll want to see these pictures too.)

So, here I am in all my glory. :) 


Travis Shillington said...

Kirk on the slide. Classic.

I love your outlook on "getting in the pictures".

I HATE having my picture taken too, but when you look at it the way you put it, its seems worth it.

Jamie said...

Awesome pictures, Jodi! Loved them all...

Jenofwa said...

Oh my word, Jodi... You are seriously one of the most beautiful momma's out there, and despite your insecurities you should pose liberally and without inhibition! You sparkle with love! I enjoy seeing you all together! Such a sweet post! Thank you!

Jen Black said...

First, I loved all the pictures! So beautiful. Second, I loved that article! So well written and a great truth. You are beautiful Jodi and your love for you family shows :)

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