Monday, August 30, 2010

Ta Da! The Baby's Nursery

Well folks, baby cake's nursery is pretty much complete! (I reserve the right to tweak it here and there...)

It is a unique assortment of pieces
we borrowed 
  • little white bookshelf 
  • glider rocking chair 

that were gifted to us 
  • the bed
  • the floral arrangements
  • the antique pram 
  • many wonderful baby shower items

that are DIY projects 
  • the butterfly chandelier mobile
  • the "chandelier" light fixture
  • the floral appliques on the bedding
  • the baby mattress

and items we purchased from a variety of places!

Some of my favorite places to find great deals or just look for inspiration:
  • Home Goods
  • TJ Maxx
  • Goodwill - not that "inspirational"- but you never know when you will find some great treasure...
The GBSC summer Maintenance Department crew painted the nursery and did a fantastic job for which I am so thankful! 

I chose the paint which is Sherwin Williams, "Hinting Blue." The trim and shutters are in Sherwin Williams "Extra White." 

Some people have asked me what my theme is. And I say, "That is a very good question!" 

My theme is kinda hard to pin down. I was going for more of a "feeling" than an actual theme. 

Light, Airy & Peaceful

I love the vintage look, and  there is something appealing about old storybooks. 
I also find birds & nests really charming and rather appropriate for a nursery.

Disclaimer: regarding those friendly feathered creatures-  I am NOT into the cartoon look or too realistic look... something more "betweenish." Capisci?

Below are the pictures of the nursery.  Of course, it won't really be "completely complete" until she is here.

As they say, "That's all she wrote..."


Misty said...

It looks beautiful Jodi!! You have done a great job! Time for a baby to put in that pretty little space =)

Keith and Crystal said...

Beautiful!! She'll be here before you know it. :)

Liz said...

Love the "feeling" you created! Those tall windows are sooo cool! I miss the interesting architecture of the old houses around GBS... plenty of things that go along with them that I wouldn't miss, however :>)

Brenda said...

Absolutely amazing, Jodi! I love how you did her nursery! I'm anxious to meet her!

Jenn said...

You definitely captured the "feeling" that you were going for! It's beautiful!!!!

JT said...

You definitely nailed the "peaceful" feeling! I love it! You are going to have so much fun loving on that baby girl!


Char said...

The girls and I love, love, love your nursery!!! Oh for just a small (very small) fraction of your creativity!!! Darling!

Gramma said...

Jodi...the nursery looks like a page from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog...amazing! As you said, the nursery won't really be complete until your sweet baby girl is tucked into her beautiful room so lovingly prepared by her Mom. Best Wishes...Sara's Gramma

Leah said...

Love your nursery, Jodi! Everything is so soft and elegant! Have enjoyed following your DIY projects.

Andy, Dixie, Carson and Kenzie said...

I love the nursery! Beautiful.

Andy said...

you amaze me!

Jenny said...

OMW! I am totally in love with this room!!!

David and Sarah Fry said...

That's a room to linger in...Beautiful.

I've enjoyed catching up on your blog today!

Jodi Marshall said...

Wow- thanks everyone. I am so glad you like it!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Such a beautiful room, and I agree...I like the "feeling" that you created. And what makes it even more did alot of the creating yourself. Makes it mean more...and I'm sure one day, "N" will appreciate all of the work and memories her precious mommy put into her first room!

Robyn Huff said...

Such a peaceful place, Jodi. You did a beautiful job! I live how it is so girly, but in a really unique way---love it! Want to come decorate for me?!?!

Simple Life Journey said...

Wow! You are talented! Beautiful style.

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