Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tutu Cute

So I am probably a day late and a dollar short on the tutu revolution
Is it just me or are they are everywhere right now?

Even so, I had not found a tutu  that I found particularly appealing. 

I liked the idea of a sweet little tutu - and so I began researching how to make one. 

(I know - I KNOW!)

The "pre-pregnant (pre-mommy)" me would be slightly embarrassed to be engaged in such tomfoolery...

But. Engage. I.  Did.

No tiptoeing for me.
I plunged right in searching for the softest tulle, the lightest pink, & the perfect ribbon.

Once all materials had been obtained, I made a tutu. 
Not 1but 2!

One for Ellie (Jennifer's little girl) and one for...
Won't they be a pair?

I didn't follow these directions religiously... 
but here is a beautiful tutorial that will achieve the same results if you are interested!


charryse said...

I looked at the tutorial you shared, how did you do your differently?

Jodi Marshall said...

Well, I used one color instead of two. I used ribbon instead of elastic- that way I can adjust her waist by just cinching the ribbon a little more if needed. I also did not use rosettes... cute, but I like it better with a bow.

Jodi Marshall said...

also... I used more tulle. She used 2 yards, I used between 3 - 3.5 yards (a roll and half of 6 in. tulle from Joanne's Fabrics).

**Amy** said...

I love how your tutus turned out! I love the ribbon! I ended up making one for my friends daughter and used a ribbon for hers and I like how it changed the look of the tutu! Great job and good luck with the new arrival soon! Thanks for the link!

Jodi Marshall said...

Wow- thank you Amy for visiting my blog!


Theresa said...

How delightful Jodi. I can't wait to see both of the little girls in these... won't be long now...

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