Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Avoid FB Drama

Introducing: "How to Avoid FB Drama" by: Jodi Marshall
Most of us are guilty of getting caught up in the drama of FB at one point or another. For those of you that managed to avoid stepping in it, good for you!
For the rest of us... we now have this handy dandy flowchart.
(I was inspired by KJ Charles' Flowchart: "How Authors Should Deal with Negative Amazon Reviews" and so I decided to make my own.)

Friday, August 2, 2013

January - June 2013

Oh my word... I am just going to stop pretending that I update this blog more than twice a year. 
We have had a busy 7 months people! I have pictures to prove it. Which reminds me, I have to apologize that this post is rather photo heavy. 
There is a good mixture of my "big girl camera" photos and some Instagram photos. 

... January...

Norah enjoys playing with some of her Christmas gifts. I am thrilled that she is taking a liking to her dolls. :) She is a little mommy.

We went to the Cincinnati Zoo and watched the "Penguin Parade" and saw some swimming polar bears. Too cute! 
It was snowing... Brrr!


We spent some time in the Laundromat... 

And spent some time at home being cozy. 

And of course there was some sickness... Little Norah had a double ear infection. :( 
It was very sad. But thankfully a round of antibiotics got her up and running again.

... February...

Nana and Papaw Marshall got a new puppy! His name is Wreilly and he is a fur ball of energy. 

We had cousin Ellie down to visit for a few days. It was so much fun! Norah loved having a "sister" to play with. 

Norah enjoys her new purse that Nana Marshall got her for Christmas. 
She is growing like a beautiful weed. :)

We celebrated Valentine's Day. 

And I got to practice some photography techniques on my favorite little subject. 

I am sorry, but she is just adorable. :)


I got crafty in March. :) I made Norah a fairy wand and she was totally mesmerized.

We washed the car and ran a lot of errands. It is always more fun with a little helper.

My little poser.


One of our favorite parts of April is that Nana Freeman came to visit! It was Soooo nice to see her and spend some time with her. :) 

I celebrated my 33rd year here on earth. It was fantabulous.

A trip to the park on the River!

Easter Sunday

He is RISEN! He is risen INDEED!

... May...

I took some of these photos a freshly bathed Norah. I just want to remember moments like these. 

The Aldersgate Christian Academy Junior/Senior Banquet

Mother's Day!

And finally... Graduation!  
It marks the end of another school year and the beginning of Summer vacation.

Norah got rather antsy during the graduation ceremony so we went outside for her to run off some energy. Of course she found some puddles... 

Norah showing everyone her bandaid... They got a little more than they bargained for. ;)


A trip to Jennifer and Chad's new home to help them move in... 
We were so busy i didn't get many pictures except of this hydrangea bush on the front lawn.

Lots of sleep... (Or, sleeping whenever/where ever you can get it.)

Lots of crafting/sewing projects 


Long walks in the park (aka: scouting new photography locations!)

Memorial Day!

No pool? Hot? We have the just the thing...

Clothes are overrated. 

 Fun with cousins. I promise these kiddos are smarter than they look...

Sandboxes can be magical places. 

Learning something new.


Norah met a new friend.

We visited the Cincinnati Zoo... One of our favorite places. 

Spent a beautiful summer day having lots of fun in the sandbox,

picking flowers, 

Lovin' on daddy,

and just plain enjoying life. 

An EARLY Father's Day, complete with a picnic in the park. :)

Another long visit with Jennifer, Chad and the kids! Norah loves her cousins. 

They have the most gorgeous sunsets!

After we got home,
we celebrated Nana Freeman's birthday...

Explored the mall...

Swam in the bathtub...

Cleared out some clutter and said goodbye to some of Norah's baby things...

Had fun going to Totter's Otterville with Ashley, Scott and cousins Cole and Drake!

Then, it was back to Jenn and Chad's house for another long visit! 
This time Nana and Papa Freeman came for a visit too and we celebrated the June birthdays and Father's day.

Once we got back to Cincy, guess what!? We visited the zoo again. :) 
This is Jomo. He is amazing!

The Giraffes are pretty amazing too. 

And of course it always fun to ride the train or carousel while at the zoo. 

Wow... a lot of pictures. And believe me when I tell you, it could have been worse. Yikes.
It has been a busy, fun packed summer. The month of July is to come...

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