Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Snotsucker Extraordinaire

So, Norah has been sick for about a week and a half. Started with the stuffy, snotty nose, and progressed into a full blown chest cold.
The doctor thought she might have pneumonia after hearing crackles in her lungs, but after a quick trip to the Children's Hospital for a chest x-ray, he gave us the good news that it was NOT pneumonia- just a big. bad. chest cold.
Not fun.

AS you may know, babies are obligate nose breathers.
That's just how they roll.
When their nose gets plugged up or goopy it makes them grumpy.
Eating slows.
Sleeping becomes difficult.
Life is generally more difficult.
I have a bulb syringe- actually two. One from the hospital and one I bought. 
They work in a pinch... but they aren't very powerful.
I hate using them because I have to keep assulting Norah's nose to get anything accomplished.
She hates it. She really does.
Poor sweet baby.
I am afraid that she is going to associate me with this terrible blue bulb syringe and grow up to hate me.

Recently I bought an ELECTRONIC nasal aspirator.
Yes. I. Splurged.
I was kind of desperate.
 It even plays a cool little jingle to distract the baby- which worked like a charm the first couple of times. However, after that it only served as a forewarning to Norah for what was about to happen and she had time to warm-up for the fit that was sure to ensue... crying, screaming, squirming, tossing her head, kicking her feet, and throwing punches... Lovely.
This device worked. Eventually.
The biggest problem with this battery operated gadget was that the suction was either lacking or too much.
Using per package directions didn't accomplish much, so in order to remedy the situation I would have to pinch one nostril while I suctioned the other because when all the air was directed through one nostril at a time, I could get greater suction power. TOO MUCH suction power.
Plus, this made it a TWO hand job.
Which means I had no hands left to hold the flailing baby down!

So, what is a desperate mother to do?

While commisserating about sick babies with Emily Leach last Sunday, she passivley mentioned that she owned this little snotsucking device that works great because the mother controls the amount of suction via her mouth...

Gross! Weird!

But remember-
I am desperate.
So when I got home I decided to do some googling...
And I eneded up purchasing one from
I just got it today!

All ye mothers that have snot ridden babies, listen up!
Have I got a product for you...

BEHOLD! NoseFrida - THE Snotsucker.

It is really awesome. It works like nothing I have ever seen.

Before you run away from your computer to throw up in the bathroom, please read on!

None of the nose goop will get in your mouth- I promise!
There is a little hygiene filter that prevents mucus transfer from baby to you.

Also, the BEST part about this is that you never put anything inside the baby's nose, and you control the amount of suction you use! AMAZING.

Love it.

They should pay me for advertising...

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Pugsby said...

Thank you. I needed a dash of weird in my day.

Liz said...

A fellow desperate House Mum can certainly appreciate this! That is really awesome/hilarious/disgusting??? Can you do a demo video?? :>) I was trying to see from the site how they work...

The Arender's said...

Dear Jodi,
Hey!! You are too funny! I can't tell you how Anthony and I have laughed at some of your post recently:). Anyway, I am curious about this little gadget. How does it work if you don't put anything on their nose? My kids have been terribly snotridden lately.... Let me know! Wish I could see you and catch up sometime.

Keith and Crystal said...

Oh that's nothing - I had a friend in New Guinea that literally put her entire mouth over the baby's nose and sucked all the snot out of baby and then spit it all out on the ground. Gasp-Belch-Cough-GAG!!!!! LOL!!!! Why is it that you can never forget some things and then the things you NEED to remember you forget? :)

Your new found gadget looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

JenofWA said...

I literally burst out laughing when I got to the final instrument of purging.. I thought it was the electric one you would be raving about, but I definitely was not expecting that one :) Guess I know who I'll be hitting up for great kid-raising tips in the future ;-)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Oh, my!! There would need to be a good thick filter...!! =) Glad it works! And yes, you're a good mommy!!

Emilie said...

glad you got it!! its great isnt it?!

Andy said...

still swallowing after reading Crystal's comment. bleh! will definitely check out this doo-dad though.

David Fry said...

Just not really sure what to say about this. Accept desperate times call for desperate measures. That's for sure.

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