Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Great Cover Up...

A few years ago, before we even moved to Cincy- we were here visiting Mr.M's parents.  As generally happens- we spent one afternoon shopping. On said shopping excursion we happened to go to the Pottery Barn Outlet where they had this giant bin full of embroidered items that either were spelled wrong, punctuated incorrectly, or returned for whatever reason...
Anyway, I found a white "Diamond Maltese" baby coverlet with light blue edging that came with a matching pillow sham and bed skirt for a few measly bucks! The only thing was that coverlet and sham  were embroidered with the name "Stamos" on them.
My mother in law convinced me that we could simply remove the stitching and they would be fine. I decided that for the price it was worth the small inconvenience... unless I could convince Mr.M. that we should name our first born Stamos... hmmm???

Needless to say they have been packed away for a couple of years. In fact, I was not sure I would ever use them... but surprise! Once I learned that I was pregnant (and had adequately recovered from the shock...) I remembered the little baby bedding set and went to find it in the basement.
After feverishly trying to persuade Mr. M. that "Stamos" was the name for us, and still finding that he was staunchly opposed to the idea, I decided to try to remove the stitching.
 However, I gave up in frustration after I punctured my finger with the thread remover and got a little blood on the white coverlet.
 I decided  to find another way to skin this particular cat.
I toyed with a felt flower creation to cover the writing. 
But the color didn't really match well and the fabric looked all wrong.  
In a nut shell... it was ugly.
I then decided to try fabric rosettes out of fabrics like cotton  and soft flannel.
I even used some excess bumper fabric.
(Plus side? The coverlet, sham and bumper would match!)

I won't go into all the details of making this particular kind of fabric rosette. It involves folding, ironing, a little hot glue to attach it to the felt backing, and a minimal amount of sewing. I found a tutorial online and I was in business!

I tried to take pictures of each step in the process. 


I finished the rosettes with some button embellishments, and little rhinestones.

 **sigh**- the satisfaction of another completed project! 


Gramma said...

With this projected completed...when do we get to see the nursery? You have made so many beautiful items for this special little girl's first home...she is blessed to have such a talented Mom!! Hugs...Sara's Gramma

Liz said...

So pretty, Jodi!

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