Friday, September 28, 2012

Norah Jayne | 23 Months

My little girl is 23 months old. Soon, I will be immersed in planning a birthday party. But for now, I am reveling in the moment. Or trying to. It is easy for me to get caught up in planning ahead and forget to enjoy the now. I am a work in progress. Aren't we all? 

This was a Hepburn inspired photo-shoot. Norah is such a little ham in front of the camera that she made my job easy. 

Being a silly goose. I love watching her laugh. She is so uninhibited. Love her. ❤

A few cute things about Norah this month:

9/14/12 I made a list of all I need to get done today. I asked Norah if she wanted to do everything on the list for mommy.
She said, "Yep!" 
I said, "Great, I'll just set here and check out FB while you work, ok?" 
She said, "Ok!"
So far, she has only managed to walk around the living room with my list and a pen in hand, looking very self-important.

9/19/12 Norah woke up with two new phrases. 
I was still in bed, half-asleep, when from Norah's bedroom I hear, "Good moning, Mommy! Good moning, Mommy! Good mooooninnng, Mommy!!!" 
How could it not be? :)
The second phrase she whipped out over breakfast, asking repeatedly while pointing at different objects, "What's dis? What's dis? What's dis?"

9/25/12 Norah is already sneaking books into her bed to look when she is supposed to be napping. I can only imagine what she will be like once she learns to read. ❤ #bookwormsanonymous

9/26/12 Norah just took a brand new 1 pound box of baby oatmeal (yes she still likes the stuff) and proceeded to redecorate my kitchen with it. 
It all happened very quickly and quietly, which seems to be her preferred MO. 
I am not impressed.

The little Miss, likes to climb. Frequently I'll find her in her room hanging out in the top drawer of her dresser. (Yes, it is bolted to the wall!)

The story of my life...

The other day Norah comes running to me yelling, "I duck! I duck mommy! I duck!" 

She was STUCK. 

And, yes I made her remain "duck" while I grabbed my camera.

This little outfit was put together on Friday. She insisted that she wear her hat and boops (boots). I decided I HAD to get a picture... ღ

She is very tall for her age. I will not be surprised if she takes after both of her Nana's in height. 
I think she looks like her daddy in this photo. :)

What??? A picture of something other than my darling Norah Jayne?! Yes, I thought I would include a photo of my fall mantle decor. I plan to really celebrate this fall. To revel in the beautiful weather, the food, the smells. It is my all time favorite season (even if it makes my allergies go crazy).

It is amazing how a few pumpkins, a little burlap, some fall leaves and a couple of Yankee's "Farmer's Market" scented candles can make my heart leap for joy! 

It is fall... and I am celebrating!

A steaming cuppa. Although I am a decaf drinker these days, I still love my coffee. And what could be better than a cup of coffee in my favorite mug? Not much, I say.

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