Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Norah Jayne | 22 Months

Norah Jayne's first tea party! She was thrilled to have a real tea set to play with. It was written all over her face. We invited Mr. Monkey to join in the fun. ❤

A few cute things about Norah this month:

8/4/12 Norah enjoyed three firsts last night- a Red's game, seeing an oldish man get his head shaved on first base, and fireworks. Red's won. Marty got sheared. The fireworks were magical. All is well with the world.

8/5/12 Mr. M., who has a great sense of (and a deep appreciation for) humor, said: "I laugh at a lot of things, but when Norah makes me laugh, it is the BEST kind of laughter..." ♥

8/9/12 Norah prefers fruit to chocolate. Whose child is this?

8/13/12 How can this little girl make such a HUGE mess in such a short amount of time? #Ithinkmychildhassuperpowers

8/24/12 Norah woke up too early, and now she is asleep on the floor of her bedroom in the midst of all her toys. Cute? Yes. But now I am betting she won't take her afternoon nap. :(

8/24/12 Norah is becoming more verbal; putting sentences together and such. Today she was talking about Curious George and she said, 
"Monkey George funny..." 

Truer words were never spoken. ;) 

When she has no words, she does pretty good at pantomiming what she wants- 
patting the chair cushion if she wants someone to sit beside her, patting the ground (while bouncing, spinning and twirling) when she wants someone to join her in a dance, throwing her hands around for emphasis, shaking or wagging her finger to drive home a point, or pointing to scrapes that need kissing. ♡

This evening as we were getting her into bed and settled with goodnight prayers, kisses and hugs, she insisted that we sing "This Little Light of Mine."

Of course she didn't come out and say it, but she made herself very clear saying, "Song!" while jabbing her little index finger towards the ceiling repeatedly.

So of course we sang the song. And, Norah, with her little finger pointed heavenward, lifted her soft voice along with mommy's and daddy's,
singing, "Hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm!"

(Translation: "Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!")

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