Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ernest Hemingrat

This is my favorite comic strip...ever. I am not sure that I want to analyze my reasons for liking this strip too closely.
Let's just say, it just appeals to my sense of humor.
Naive Pig.
Megalomaniacal Rat.
What's not to love?

Pig: What are you doing, Rat?

Rat: I am Ernest Hemingrat. I am going to be a great writer by chronicling the every day happenings around me. I shall leave out nothing.

Pig: But won't it be hard to have every embarrassing detail of your life known to everyone?

Rat: Yes, Which is why I've decided to only chronicle you.

Pig: Me? But how will I be depicted?

Rat (typing): "Poorly," he told the fat, stupid pig.

Pig: Rat, I've been reading your work and I don't think I like it...I 'm always portrayed as a dumb guy.

Rat: Yes, well, all good writers expose and exploit the lives of those around them. That's called "our gift to the world."

Pig: Well, can't you at least give me a cool nickname or something?

Rat: Sure. I guess. Would that make you happy?

Rat (typing): "Real happy," replied Lardo, the drooling idiot.

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Anonymous said...

the first strip is my favorite pearls daily, i have it tacked on my wall at work

thanks for posting!

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