Sunday, September 28, 2008


This weekend Bill and Sherilyn took us to Madison, Indiana for the Chatauqua (Fall craft fair). We had fun checking out all of the crafty thingy-ma-jigs and whatchamacallits. The weather was beautiful, and fair food smelled and tasted delicious. BBQ pork chops, red potatoes and corn-on-the-cob... drenched in butter... ice cold lemonade...

A little Band with a "Big Band" sound played under a tent on the front lawn of the Lanier Mansion, a local historic home.
They were really quite good ! They made me want to tap my toes.

The houses were quaint. The old brick homes with wrought-iron fences and overflowing window boxes were my favorite.
The store fronts on Main Street seemed to be from some other time when things were simple and charm was included in the blue prints.

Once inside the door of a particular shoppe- you are warmed by lovely scents of cinnamon, mulberry, and pumpkin- sometimes coffee too!

Madison is like any small town- it isn't completely without it's disheveled areas. But, I liked it overall.

Also, while in Madison I was happy to finally meet Sherilyn's brother, Carl Troyer.
He is a talented artist, and for the fair he had a little booth set up to do caricatures.
Of course Mr. M. and I had to get ours done!

As you can see- he was kind to us- and made us look better than we really do!

Thanks Uncle Carl!!!

By the way, I got to take a few photos of the local scenery- I will be posting them a few at time to my photography blog.


Making Memories 1999 said...

I like the caricature! And don't you just love all of the fall festivals that they have up here in the "northlands"! I do!! Hope you are enjoying a great weekend with your Mom!

Tucker's Family said...

We loved sharing Madison with you and Kirk. Your photographs are usual.

Do me a favor -- and remind me to not wrinkle my nose while smiling BIG! Funny pic of Kirk, me and the ear of corn!!

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