Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have not been feeling the itch to blog as of late...

...I have not felt particularly inspired.
However, a lot is happening in our lives.

Mr. M. started his first year at Aldersgate Academy the end of August. He is teaching high school English, Bible, Phys. Ed. and is the freshman class sponsor. He is usually pretty busy...but happy.
He had been sick the first couple of weeks of school (new germs and lots of them...) but is now feeling well.
FYI- DanActive Immunity, a yogurt drink by Dannon, seems to really work...
I snapped this picture on his first day...
He is now a month into the school year and he is enjoying teaching these high school students.

I recently started a new job also. I am working PRN at Judson Village a long term care facility (LTCF).
A HUGE shift in dynamics for me. Exhausting. Sad. Insane amount of paper work... not to mention that I have been doing home health for the past four years- usually dealing with one patient/client at a time. At Judson I have 22-25 residents each shift.
It has been rather overwhelming, but my Director of Nursing is really great and supportive.
Mr. M. snapped this picture of my first day...
Can you tell I am scared spit less?

We have been up to other things besides working. I have been spending time with my sister, Jennifer, and my two growing nephews. They are so much fun! I stole this picture of Zach from Brenda Herring's blog-

Zach is very energetic, outgoing and loves to greet people- he has an amazing memory for names. He is just a smart little whipper snapper... I think he is amazing.

Jake is 3 months now and thriving. He has an adorable little smile- I just love him!

I am also taking classes to become IV certified. It is an eight week course all about intravenous infusion therapy. (Pictures from the web)

Which reminds me... I have a test on Monday!

It is kind of fun to be back in school... awakening my ol' slumbering brain cells and shaking the cob webs from my belfry. Yep, It feels great to flex the proverbial "muscle" between my ears!

It certainly can't do any harm... or can it?


Karon Willoughby said...

Oh my dear cousin! You make me laugh! As always, I enjoy your humorous blogs!

Making Memories 1999 said...

I have ONE question to ask the school!! Who is that, and what have you done with my cuz??!! You're great, so funny, and very, very brave!! ;-)

Lots of love to you and Mr. M!

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