Thursday, April 10, 2008

My List

No one tagged me... so I tagged myself...

What I was doing 10 years ago:
I was finishing up my last year in high school at Fort Scott Christian Heights, Fort Scott, KS. I was living away from home during the week, and going home on weekends. I lived with Denise Cochran, one of the teacher's from FSCH, and her husband. I was trying to figure out whether to attend GBS or HSBC. As it turns out I came to Hobe Sound..

Five things on my to do list today:
* I actually have a list...this is it:
1. Pay the bills
2. Mail my dad's birthday gift
3. Return an item to Ross- don't ask...
4. Grocery Shop
5. Go to Bank
6. Go to work 3P- 11P

Snacks that I enjoy:
Fruit: baked, raw, pureed, frozen
Mixed nuts
Runts- a terrible addiction

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Invest
2. Give to family, Church, Schools
3. Freak out
4. Stop working as a Nurse and have a family...
5. Travel

Three of my bad habits:
1. Worrying about the future, other people, my jobs, etc
2. Wasting time
3. Eating too fast
4. Stressing myself out...and everybody around me.

Five places I have lived:
*I have lived in too many "places" to count (...almost), but if you JUST count the Cities and States, it is a much more manageable list.
1. Wichita, KS
2. ElDorado, KS
3. Independence, KS
4. Fort Scott, KS
5. Pittsburg, KS
6. Hobe Sound, FL
7. Newton, KS
8. Overland Park, KS
9. Hillsboro, KS
10.Shawnee, KS

Five jobs I have had:
1. Receptionist @ Doctor's office(s)
2. Account's receivable and data entry @ Axtell Clinic business office
3. I worked at a sign making company- the made Realtor signs, shop window signs, billboards, banners, etc (I wasn't very good at it...)
4. Phlebotomy and x-ray tech.
5. Licensed Practical Nurse

Five people I want to know more about:
1. Sara Marshall
2. Cousin Becca
3. Mom (Theresa Freeman)
4. Cousin Karon
5. Sherilyn Marshall


Mary Ellen said...

I tag Jody....oh wait...too late. "-)

Looks like you pretty much covered living in Kansas - wow! That's a lot of movin'!

Twila G. said...

I really enjoyed your list! Oh, by the way, Linda and Brandon still ask about you alot. Linda is so excited because Brandy just had a little baby girl "Olivia". Other than that things are about the same around there. I try not to be there any more than I absolutely have to!!

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