Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Flowers

Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone was at my front door... I peeked through the front window to see who it was. Curiously (and I say "curiously" because I am always curious when someone sounds like they are using a battering ram to knock down my front door...) there stood at my door a big burly guy- that- I- did- not- know- from- Adam.

I wasn't expecting a burly visitor, and so I was not inclined to answer the door. Instead I waited for him to leave. After he got tired of waiting, he drove off in a nondescript white-ish mini van.

I, still curious, opened my front door to take a look- Did he leave me a complimentary subscription to "Battering Rams Monthly"? Did Ed McMann send someone in his place to deliver that giant check? Is there a paper sack full of "you know what" in flames at my front door? I just had to know.
To my surprise, and relief, I found a lovely bouquet of colorful fresh flowers in a brightly smiling mug!

Hmmm... I wonder who this is from?

I immediately reached for the little envelope, broke the seal, and pulled out the card.

"Lots of Love, Love Mom & Dad"
Thank you, Mom & Dad! You're the best... beautiful fresh flowers make turning another year older something to look forward to.


Travis said...

maybe those delivery guys should be required to wear uniforms. :D

hope you had a great birthday Jodi.

Travis said...


i hope you HAVE a great birthday.


Nonentity said...

Thanks! I will do my best.

Mary Ellen said...

Well, I'm two minutes late, but Happy Birthday! What pretty flowers too, and what a nice way to start the day. Good/smart girl to not opening the door to the strange man - I'm surprised at how many housewives don't even think twice about opening their door to a male stranger. Ya just never know these days...

Mary Ellen said...

Uh, despite what the time says below my first post, I posted that at 12:02...I thought I'd better say that or else my first sentence on the above post would make no sense at all. "-)

Twila G. said...

Hi Jodi! I came across your blog unexpectedly (from Liz Stetlers) and I'm so glad I did! I love all your cool pictures. Oh and by the way Happy Birthday.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Happy to you!! Hope your special day is . . . well . . . VERY SPECIAL!! Love ya bunches!

fab5 said...

I'm a horrible cuz...happy belated birthday! ;)
I hope your day was very special!
Love ya,

fab5 said... I feel like a goober!
Just delete my previous comment. When I wrote the note..I was thinking your b-day was on the
9th...then I read people wishing you a "happy birthday" so I thought I missed it.
Then.....I ready your mama's note and she said it's the
7th....TODAY!! So now I feel a little better. It's actually not a "belated" happy birthday now.
So...let's try this again.
Happy Birthday Mrs. M. I hope you have a very special day!

Love..your very confused and
forgetful cuz,

Tucker's Family said...

"Happy Birthday, dear Jodi..." I'm singing as I type (aren't you glad there isn't audio on here!!) We thank God for you...and the special 'gift' you are to our family...and especially to Kirk. Hope your day is lovely. God your God your and tomorrow (and especially on birthdays :)

Love, Sherilyn

Sara said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Jodi! We miss you! - Matt, Sara, and Miss Chloe

Taylors said...

Those are beautiful flowers! I know exactly what you mean...the other day one of our neighbors knocked on our door to ask directions to our church. It was Sunday morning, I was NOT presentable, and I couldn't see his face from the window which I was peering. I did not want to go to the door, because 1. I was "morning ugly." and 2. I was scared.
When he wouldn't stop knocking on the door, I finally answered it (embarrased to death). Then, to make matters worse, he wanted to know how to get to our church. I did not realize that Brian had invited their family! Anyway, I told you that long story to let you know that I understand!


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