Friday, April 11, 2008

It Was Great!

It was a great birthday. Mr. M. took me out and we had dinner at Molto Bene- a very cozy Italian ristorante. It is not a "chain" so it had it's very own unique personality and the food was prepared fresh. It was indeed molto bene!

Mr. M. then took me to the Kravis Center to hear pianist, Andrei Gavrilov. It was beautiful and relaxing.

An explanation of the B&W photo below:
We wanted a picture together and this little "oldish" lady offered to take one. We were thrilled! I gave brief tutorial on how to use my camera. Her husband looked skeptically at me and rolling his eyes said, "This could take awhile..."
And it did. She couldn't figure out the camera which was ok with us- BUT, we felt bad for her and wanted her to succeed, if only to prove her husband wrong. =)
Finally... the camera flashed and sputtered... she thought she had succeeded and smiled at her success... and her husband looked impressed. We smiled and thanked her for her time. The picture she thought she took was only the red eye reduction flashing.
So we waited for them to leave and then proceeded to try and take one of is a little blurry, but oh well!

The pictures below are from Check it out...

After we got home, we had chocolate cupcakes with rich chocolaty icing- they were very tasty... Mr. M. throws a great birthday party!

The End!


Theresa said...

You are so creative with your pictures. A great read!!
I bet that lady has been telling everyone about the pictures she took of this cute couple. :)
I am so glad your day was special.

Sara said...

Wow, that first collage looks like a professional ad for the restraunt! Love the pictures... thanks for sharing!

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