Friday, March 18, 2011

Tiny Blossom: Tutu Couture

Remember this tutu  I made before the little lady was born?
Well, we finally got some pictures of her in it.

I didn't get the newborn pictures that I thought I would- but that is ok.

Every moment is special.

So in remembrance of 4.75 months...

"Each leaf,
each blade of grass vies for attention.
Even weeds
carry tiny blossoms
to astonish us."

- Marianne Poloskey

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Brenda said...

Very cute! I absolutely love the first and last picture!

Theresa said...

I just love these pictures. Norah is absolutely beautiful. You do a great job taking the pictures too.
Hope you are feeling better give all a hug!! love you

Katrin Elisabeth said...

Aw I absolutely adore these pictures! Doing a great job Mrs. Marshall! :)

Simple Life Journey said...

Too adorable!

David Fry said...


David Fry said...

Oops. Just realized I'm signed in as David. This is Sarah...

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