Saturday, March 12, 2011

Norah Jayne Presents-

So, this is what has happened in the past couple of weeks...

For starters, I got my 4 month immunizations. 
It was terrible...
I cried reeeally hard and made my mommy feel just awful.
In fact, I was pretty much a big baby about the whole thing.
You should have seen me... I was down right pitiful. 

Believe it or not, I have had to take a few baths these past couple of weeks.
Mommy is kind of a stickler when it comes to my hygiene.

Bathing is one of my favorite things to do!
I just love all the splishing and splashing.
And bubbles- I love bubbles!

I am pretty rambunctious during tub time.
Kicking. Twisting. Flailing. 
Once I even tried to escape my baby tub! However, Mommy caught me before I got too far.
If she'd let me, I'd flip right out of my tiny tub and go for a real swim in the BIG tub.
She keeps telling me to be patient- that I'll be "big enough soon enough."

Speaking of which, you may not be able to tell from my pictures- but I AM growing really big and strong!
My doctor says that I am off the charts for height and that I am in the 90th percentile for weight...

Yep, my mommy and daddy feed me the good stuff.

Sometimes I like to help out- you know, to show them that I'm no "free-loader."
I know that they appreciate the extra set of hands when preparing my bottle-
especially in the mornings before they have had a chance to...  "caffeinate."

I do what I can.

After all my helping out, I tend to get a little "geared-up" and tense.

I know how important it is to NOT get too stressed out.
(I don't want to look like my mother at the age of three and half, ya know.)
I take my health very seriously.

Here I am chillin' with my toys.
The one I am gnawing on is especially tasty.
This giraffe makes me drool. A. LOT.
It is not pretty, BUT it is good for my gum health (and you know how seriously I take my health) so I try not to worry too much about the drooling.

Besides, Mommy worries enough for both of us-
And I say, let her get the gray hairs...

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little update.
Come back and visit soon!
I love company.

(You hear me Nana?)


(Mommy just says to call first...)

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Making Memories 1999 said...

Miss're already taking after your mother! You're quite the authoress...autobiographist...WRITER! =) (Maybe I better go hit the dictionary.) teehee Loved the update! Keep growing, strong and healthy...just not tooooo much before I see you! (I don't want to be handing you your 5-year-old birthday card when I first meet you.) =)

Keith and Crystal said...

Very sweet!!!! They grow so fast, don't they?

Jen Black said...

Too cute! I love it! "I don't want to look like my mother at 3 1/2!" :) haha you're great.

Theresa said...

So adorable!! Love the update.

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