Monday, July 21, 2008

City Slickers?

Finally, I have summoned the wherewithal to get started on catching up!
A lot has happened in our lives since my last REAL post on father's day.
I have pictures by the hundreds- seriously- but, I will share just a few of them.

(Above) Thank you Bill and Matt for flying to Florida to help us move- we couldn't have done it without you!

(Above) Kirk- in "the zone".

Well, as you can see above and in the following pictures- the house wasn't "move in ready" when we arrived- But thanks to many, many people- it is now a very nice place to call home.

Thankfully maintenance fixed our leaky pipe very quickly. We have no more leaking pipes- as far as we know!
The leaky basement, however, is an ongoing frustration for us.
About 3/4 of the basement is unfinished- and used for storage. The remaining 1/4 had been "finished" to be used as a bedroom. Unfortunately- it is not possible for us to use it in this capacity, due to the aforementioned problem.
Currently we are using the dining room as a bedroom.
As you can imagine, there is no quick fix solution to a wet basement.

One thing I love about the Hilltop is that so many people plant pretty flowers outside of their homes. I have never been great about keeping flowers alive- but I decided to try it...again.
I chose Irish moss, bright pink begonias, and some purple flower- I am not certain what it is called...
The clay flowerpots in the kitchen window are herbs: sweet basil, spicy basil, thyme, and oregano. These are another experiment of mine.
So far they have survived me.
I have thanked most of the following people personally- but I still feel that I want to publicly thank each of them.
Special thanks to my mother and father-in-law, Sherilyn and Bill for ALL the time they spent helping us clean, paint, patch, carry heavy furniture and boxes, for giving us a place to crash- and for many, many delicious meals.
We appreciate you!
Also, a BIG BIG BIG thanks to Matt and Sara, who spent there vacation time helping us. They really gave sacrificially of their time and energy.
Matt, thank you for being a drywaller extraordinaire!
Thanks also to Aaron and Lisa Proffit for helping us unload the truck and for making us a very tasty meal.
Thank you to the Fredrick's family for loaning us their son, Anthony. His help unloading the truck was greatly appreciated. Thank you also for the the food and fellowship- both were refreshing.
Thank you Pastor Durr for installing our light fixture! It is perfect.
Thank you Mark Foster for taking time out of your day off to install our ceiling fan.
Thank you Mr. George, Donny Hollenback, and all the other maintenance guys who kindly helped us in so many ways.
Many others stopped in to welcome us to the neighborhood- and all of them know who they are...hopefully!
Thank you ALL.


Karon Willoughby said...

It's nice to see pictures of your beautiful home. I'm sure you'll make some new & wonderful memories!

Sara said...

YAY! A new post! We really enjoyed seeing all of the pictures. I would love a virtual tour of your lovely home... :)So happy we could help.

Making Memories 1999 said...

It was soooooo good to see you this past weekend!! So glad you all are settling in. It's been soooo long since I've been on here, but I really enjoyed your pictures and update!!! (BTW, Donny was at the wedding this past weekend, so we were able to meet him.) Congratulations on your "new" home and I look forward to seeing you more now!!!! "Us Girls" are going to have to get together soon!!

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