Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dad's Day

Dear Dad
I remember how you would play the piano and sing Who Did? Who Did?
... and how we sang along with you at the top of our voices with little faces flushed red.
I remember how you "helped" me make the "Pepper Kiss" cake,
and even ate a bite...and proclaimed it good!
I remember how you prayed with us at night,
and comforted me when I had a bad dream.
I remember stories about the little boys
-who threw dirt clods at passing cars from vacant houses.
I remember how we used to tickle your sides- you laughed and protested!
I remember running to meet you as you came home from work-
...when did I decide I was too old for that?
I remember being carried out of church asleep on your shoulder-
-sometimes pretending so that you would carry me all the way to the car...
I remember early morning rides to grandma's house-
The old red VW station wagon.
I remember sharing birthday cakes...
-and bedtime stories.
You could always be counted on to get any knot out of my shoestrings.
I remember trips to Spangles for hamburgers after our school programs.
I remember you leading the song services in church.
Sometimes you would tear up during a song-
- it always made me teary too.
You have a gentle heart and a kind spirit.
You have always been a loving father-
My dad.
My friend.
Thank you...
I love you!Y

Happy Father's day to my father-in-law, Bill.
Thank you for raising such a wonderful boy- and for being a godly example.
You are truly a joy to know!
I feel blessed to be apart of the Marshall family.


The Arender's said...

Great post! I would love to see your wedding pics. Too bad we aren't closer. Would you mind giving me your e-mail address?

Sara said...

Great post Jodi... I love the Father's Day tributes, so sweet. Be seeing you NEXT WEEK!

Nonentity said...

Adrian, my e-mail is
I would love to see your wedding pictures too...
Let's keep in touch!

Tucker's Family said...

Sweet -- something about a girl and her daddy. (sniff)

I can't help but smile BIG when I look at the pic of Kirk flanked by your dad and Bill. BIG smiles; HAPPY smiles.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm sure you just made two Dads day! Great tribute.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Wonderful tribute to your wonderful Dad! He's truly been a great example through the years, and this niece is thankful!! (BTW, I remember that "Who Did" song as well. He used to play it on the piano. Fun memories!)

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