Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome To a New Blogger...

I want to welcome Jennifer, my sister, to blogdom! To view her blog, you may click on the photo above- or click the link that's to the right, under "Fellow Family Bloggers."


Theresa said...

Welcome Jennifer!! Your blog is great and I just LOVE the pictures!! Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Luanna J. Wright said...


This is Luanna Wright. Do you remember me??

Visit my blog at
and email me at if you have email.

Luanna Wright

Luanna J. Wright said...

Isn't your maidan name Waits??

Nonentity said...

no...that is my sister's married name. =)

Tucker's Family said...

Jennifer - I love the embossed picture of the two sets of little feet. That is so neat.

Looking forward to seeing you soon....and getting to see Jacob in person. We'll be praying for you as you make your move.


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