Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Story of a Little Girl...

This is a little video slide show that I put together for my adorable niece on the occasion of her first birthday. It is a cliche to say, but time goes by so quickly. This slide show chronicles her growth over the past year.

She is a very special little girl. Uncle M. and I miss having her (and her parents) close by. And, though we try to keep up with them through their blog (which Sara has done an awesome job at maintaining, I might add!) it will be so nice to really catch up when we see them next week!

To see more of the Matt Marshall family, click here: http://www.mattmarshallfamily.blogspot.com/

Note: For best results, you may want to pause the Christmas music that is playing before starting this video.



Making Memories 1999 said...

Very creative and beautiful! I also like the Christmas card you did with pics of Mr. M!!

Thanks for your kind comments on our blog. I read them to Sunshine Girl tonight.

Sara said...

Thank you for posting Chloe's video! I wanted to put in on our page, but didn't know how. The video is so precious to us! Priceless! We CANNOT WAIT to see you all in a few days! yay!

Gramma said...

Jodi~ Thank you for putting Chloe's video on your blog. I have already watched it twice...it moves me to tears every time!
We know you will have a wonderful "early" Christmas in Ohio...family is such a precious gift!
Safe travels...Christmas Blessings to you and Kirk... Sara's Gramma and Grampa

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