Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Little Christmas Spirit...


Sara said...

Love it! Chloe likes to look at pictures on the computer, and often laughs at her Uncle K.!

Gramma said...

Jodi...The CD you made of Chloe's first year is wonderful! What a special gift for Chloe and her parents. A should put it on your blog so everyone can see your beautiful niece and also see how talented you are!
Merry Christmas to you and Kirk...Chloe's GiGi (aka Anita)

Travis said...

completely random, but i've run out of occasions for my mustache have any ideas?? :D

Nonentity said...

Travis: Also random....about the mustache suggestion-

Stick the smallest one you have(the "hitler" prehaps?) between your eyebrows. Why? Why ask why...just go with it!

If you are at a loss for places to wear them- think outside the box.
1. Chuckey Cheese
2. Playgrounds
3. Jogging...make sure to wear a sweat band though. Sweating can wreck havoc on the sticky side of those mustache's (don't ask me how I know this...)
4. Go Christmas caroling. No friends will go along? No problem, trust me, you don't need compadres when you have a humdinger mustache.

Nonentity said...

Anita(aka Gramma), =)
I am so glad you enjoyed the slide show. I have tried to post it and for some reason it has not been working...I will keep on trying.
We have these two really neat programs on our computer, Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker, that made it all possible. Whoever designed those programs is the talented one...=)

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