Monday, November 12, 2007

My Super Man...A Wife's Perspective

He doesn't wear blue tights and a red cape...usually.
And -as far as I know- he neither sneaks off to phone booths for stealthy wardrobe changes, nor has he been an ace newspaper reporter (unless the Herron counts). But, he is definitely a Super Man.

I remember when the opportunity arose for Mr M. to begin teaching...he was honestly a bit intimidated at the prospect. But God provided the strength so that he could go forward with confidence.

He works very hard to be the best seventh grade teacher he can be. He also moonlights as a College Professor, one night a week. He loves the students, and he loves his work- but it often leaves him mentally and physically exhausted.

My Super Man, is really very funny, and it is my opinion that his sense of humour keeps him going. He is also a gifted writer and is insanely witty and clever.
Sometimes I laugh at him...and sometimes he laughs at me, but most often we laugh together.

He is also kind and personable. He feels comfortable with people and he accepts people for who they are...even if they are what I would call "abrasive" (and it is a good thing too, because I can be abrasive).

He can listen for *hours (*literary exaggeration for effect) to me rant about this and that, and then, when I have finally finished my rampage, he often has some advice to impart regarding the particular situation. And, most often, (don't tell him I said so) he is right.

Now, I am not blinded by love; I realize that no person is perfect. My Mr. M is no exception. But he is a wonderful and loving husband. He is a godly and good example to me. I appreciate him very much...even when he doesn't pick up his socks.


Tucker's Family said...

Mrs. M., Jr. -- I love your blogs. I am often either laughing out loud or sniff-sniffing out loud. Wish you could come visit -- oh wait -- YOU ARE!!! Yeah only 32 days and counting. Love, Mrs. M., Sr.

Nonentity said...

I thought you might like this pic of Mr.M.,Jr...You should see the uncropped version. I might email it to you if I can figure out how.
Thanks for reading. See you soon!
Love, Mrs. M.,Jr.
PS- that's a lot of punctuation!

Liz said...

Jodi!!!! How wonderful to find you! Thanks for commenting - now I can keep up with your blog too! Yay! You know I've always considered you a kindred spirit . . . So cool to hear from you! Love the pictures, movie - you guys are the greatest pair . . .

P.S. Would love to hear a thorough update on what's going on in your world!

Making Memories 1999 said...

I really enjoyed your post. I'm so proud of you! You do a smashing job on your blog, and I love the way you build up your man!! What a neat example of love. You two are just great!! Wish we could see you all soon. Take care!

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