Monday, November 19, 2007

Emma Lou... We MissYou!

May 11, 1922 - November 13, 1989

Things I Remember

She was many things to many people in her lifetime. She was a daughter, a helpmate, a mother to her three children, a pastor's wife, a camp cook, and a craft maker extraordinaire... She was my Grandma.

When I was nine years old my Grandma went to be with Jesus. I remember where I was the moment I was told and I remember her funeral service.

I remember the dress my sister wore that day- I don't know why.

I remember going to the grave side service after the funeral.

I remember that it had snowed and how cold I felt. I remember knowing that Grandma wouldn't be cold anymore.

I remember picking up some clay from her grave site. I took it back to Grandpa's house and put it in a plastic sandwich bag... For some reason I guess I thought Grandpa would want to have it. I never did give it to him...

I remember Grandma's steel gray hair and how she fixed it in an arrangement of large rolled curls in the back and how it gracefully "poofed" in the front. I remember watching Mom fix Grandma's hair one time when she couldn't physically do it herself.

I remember Grandma's brown eyes... In my memory they are very much the same as my mom's eyes. Sometimes they would kind of flash and spark when she caught us grand kids being "ornery".

I can remember her lit up her face, and crinkled her nose a bit.

I remember her voice (at least I think I can). I remember how she would speak with her "Kentuckian" accent. I can hear her now: "Now get on yonder before I take a switch to you!"

She had spunk!

Whenever I hear my Aunt Margie's voice I think of Grandma's. Their voices are similar to me. Somewhere there is a recording of Grandpa and Grandma singing at a camp meeting...I got to listen to it made me smile.

I remember the perfume bottle collection she had displayed on hanging shelves in the bedroom.

I remember the little dressing table with a swiveling stool. I liked to spin around and 'round on that little stool. I also liked to "explore" the drawers in that little dressing table...I think that would have been considered "ornery" behavior.

I remember the way her feet looked in her sturdy, sensible shoes. I remember trying on her shoes and wondering if my feet would ever fill them. I haven't filled her shoes one could.

I remember when Grandma and Grandpa would come from Indiana to visit us in Wichita. They drove a big van...I think it was Grandpa's work van. Grandma would bring homemade gifts and canned goods. She never came empty handed. She was a Giver.

To those who knew Grandma better and longer than I did, these memories may seem trite or insignificant. But, they are the images my young mind grasped onto and I am proud to own them as some of my favorite memories.

Though a part of me has wished she could have stayed longer- that I could have known her better- that she could have seen her grandchildren grow into adults, and that she could have met her great- grandchildren... the other part of me knows she is in a far better place.

Someday, I will meet her there.


Making Memories 1999 said...

I miss her too!!!! Your post made Sis and I both cry!! I'm so glad we have good memories of Grandma. We'll never understand why, but I agree, I wouldn't ask her to come back!!! We just have more to go to Heaven for, don't we?! I'll plan to meet you all there, too!! If you don't mind, I'd like to do a link to this post on my blog, and maybe add a few of my memories. Is that ok? Thank you so much for doing this!! It meant ALOT!!!

nana said...


Juwah said...


Becca told me about your blogspot blog. I just checked it out for the first time today. Love it. REALLY LOVE the music. WOW! Becca was right, you are one creative chic. Sounds like you are doing well. So happy for you.

Nana said...

I am missing you all already. :( We were so blessed to have you home for the last few days. Thanks again for everything. Christgiving was wonderful. Love you so much.

LEORA said...

Jodi ~
Found your blog through another! How long have you been married? Congrats! You two make a cute couple!

Bev sends us pictures every so often of your adorable nephew, Zach.

I enjoyed reading your blog! It was nice catching up with you.

Take Care!
Leora (& Charles) Schenck

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

I had to leave a comment on your blog. I knew your Grandma Roberts very well. Mom and I have talked different times about what an incredible lady she was. I think it is amazing how you were able to remember so much in 9 years. I can hear her laughing and saying the things you mentioned in your tribute. What a legacy!

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