Sunday, October 21, 2012

Norah Jayne is TWO! ❤

There are times when I feel so unequipped to be her mother. There are daily challenges. New milestones bring new adventures for us all. It is a wild ride, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

A little about Norah at TWO...

Height: 37 in
Weight: 30.8 lbs
Head: 19.5 in
Feet: Size 8
Cloths: 2T-3T

Loves Curious George (as we discussed in my previous post)
Loves monkeys (probably because of Curious George), doggies and elephants
Loves peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches.
Loves bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, blueberries -- basically any fruit
Loves steamed broccoli
Loves crackers
Loves sipping on mommy's decaf coffee but her favorite beverage is still MILK
Hates cheese (I think it is a texture thing) 
Loves stickers, storybooks and drawing (she went all Picasso on the armoire and shutters in her room)
Loves bows, hats and shoes
Loves music and dancing

She is interested in everything that mommy and daddy do. She does a lot of mimicking

She is learning about obedience and having a good attitude.
She is learning to be thankful and polite.
She is learning about patience. (And I am getting a refresher in this course too!)
She is learning to use the potty!

Some of Norah Jayne's two year portraits that I shot the day before her birthday. 
I love everything about this little lady. 

Just a few of Norah's favorite people...




I had to add this picture of Norah Jayne's hair. I have been itching to give her a little hair-do since she was a tiny little thing... she is just now getting enough hair for me to actually do something with. 
Mommy is in heaven. ❤

The night before Norah's birthday, I decided that I would make a special birthday breakfast for her so that we could all eat together before daddy went to work. 
To add to the festivities, I bought some balloons along with a card to surprise her. 

That morning, I hurriedly made bacon and eggs, set the table, and set out the pre-made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. 

Norah woke up and we took her to the living room. She immediately saw the balloons and was very excited by them! She said, "Oh my goodness!" 
Such a flurry of activity in the morning is rather unusual for all of us, especially her. 

We sat her in her chair and she opened her card all by herself! What a smart girl. :)
Then we began to sing "Happy Birthday;" the look on her face was priceless!

After the singing, I brought out her muffin with two candles on it. She was mesmerized. 
I was able to get one shot before she blew out the candles.  

Later in the day, we went to eat lunch with daddy in the cafeteria. I took along the balloons, a cupcake and the two candles. The students sang to her and she really loved it! 

She is definitely mommy's girl- the icing is the best part!

We plan on having a proper birthday party for her on the 27th. I am sure there will be more photos, more cake, more friends, and more singing... 

We are enjoying our two year old. My, how time has flown!


Sarah Pridey said...

The first thing I could say is that your daughter is gorgeous. It is true, but I feel like you are a mommy who cares much more about the heart of your child. Jodi, it seems like you are doing a great job raising a godly young lady. Norah is blessed to have parents who are so devoted to her spiritual formation. As you post things on facebook, I often say a quick prayer for you. I am sure parenting can be quite challenging at times, but I know you are doing a fabulous job. I can tell in the pictures that Norah has no question about your love for her. I pray that God gives you many more blessings.
Sarah :)

Jen Black said...

absolutely adorable! I love her eyes behind the card :) priceless. And I loved her morning hair :) so cute. You have a perfect poser on your hands. Her pictures are amazing. Also, I especially loved the crying shot in the midst of the tranquil ones :) Happy Birthday to Norah!

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