Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Virginia Beach, VA.

Recently, Mr. M and I were able to go to Virginia Beach, VA. It was completely breathtaking! We were able to rent a house on the beach was fabulous... the only catch? Well, we also had 13 High school students tagging along. That's right, folks, we were the senior class sponsors.

Really, the kids were great (for the most part) and I am pretty sure that we had the most relaxing senior trip in the history of senior trips. :)

Norah Jayne was loved on and coddled until she was nearly spoiled rotten.
She loved every minute of it.

Norah Jayne was able to see the ocean for the very first time while we vacationed. She was enamored with the sand, but had a healthy fear of the water. She nearly clamored up my body every time the water came near her. :)

The view from our deck.

The senior class (most of them) on the Boardwalk.

Our house on the beach 2853 South Sandfiddler Road.

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