Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Silence: The condition or quality of being or keeping still and silent.
This picture has nothing to do with this post... ♥
I have been thinking about silence. More specifically, I have been wondering why I am so uncomfortable with it. Why is it hard for me to just be?
Last night I found myself on my front porch enjoying a few moments of doing nothing. Just sitting there. No baby. No husband. No cell phone. No Internet. No ipod. Nothing. Just me and my thoughts.
 It wasn't more than a few minutes before I started thinking of something that I COULD be doing WHILE enjoying my moments of leisure:
  • Facebook
  • Blog reading
  • Watching the next episode of________
  • Chatting on the phone
You get it.

Harmless right? These things are the spice of life. The additives.
They are to life what ketchup is to pot roast.
Sweet and zingy- and totally unnecessary.

So, I was just getting ready to go inside to get my cell phone, but I stopped myself.
I decided to just soak up the beautiful evening "as is" without any additives.

You should probably know that I am constantly making lists both literally and mentally.
I've got:
  • my prayer list
  • the Norah list
  • the Kirk list
  • a running grocery list
  • the bill list (what's due and when)
  • my appointment list
  • my fake wish list (warm cozy socks and world peace)
  • my REAL wish list (this awesome lens and a girdle that "hides" around 75 lbs.)
  • the fix-it list
  • the housework list
  • my self-improvement list
  • my personal goals list
  • my bad habits (which I hope to someday overcome) list
  • my regret list (Currently at the top: "Why did I share my girdle wish with the www?")
  • my reading list 
My point is this: I had just added another chore to one of my many lists.

This is how it went:

Note the pleasant coolness of the smokey breeze. 

Note the pretty glow from the jack-o-lanterns on the porch.

Ok! Scribble. Scribble. Scribble.
(That was me scratching: Enjoy the beautiful evening "as is" off my to-do list.)

Now that, THAT'S done... on to something else!

When did it become a chore to listen to the skittering leaves as they wash across the street?
When did this cloak become uncomfortable and ill fitting?
When did I become this person that needs non-stop entertainment (passive or otherwise)?
Poet and Pulitzer Prize winner, Marianne Moore is quoted as saying, "One should above all, learn to be silent, to listen; to make possible promptings from on high."
I wonder, how many times have I missed that still, small voice because I was too busy doing?

Hmmm. Something to think about.

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Jen Black said...

Really great post! I am guilty of doing the same thing! This is an excellent reminder. Oh and don't worry, your girdle secret is safe with me... oh wait. nevermind :)

Making Memories 1999 said...

I enjoyed this post, Jodi! And I, too, don't want to be too busy to hear HIS voice! Thank you for this great reminder.

Jamie said...

I loved this post, Jodi! I totally understand what you are saying... God has been helping me this year to really stop and smell the roses. Thank you so much for sharing.

Charity said...

Beautiful post! I find that sometimes when I'm running from silence that I need to sit and "journal my mind empty"- I find it's easier to hear HIM in those moments.

Liz said...

Great post - I want to feel safe in the silence 'cause He is there. But I'm so much more comfortable with my "noise." God help me. Love to read your thoughts. And when you find that girdle... ;)

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