Friday, September 30, 2011

Norah Jayne- 11 Months

My little girl is eleven months old! 
I always liked that number.

A little about Norah at this age:
  • She has SIX teeth and I think she is working on a couple more.
  • She is sleeping 11-12 hours every night.
  • She is taking 2-3 naps a day. (When I can get her to take that 3rd one!)
  • She is getting pretty good at walking; we are still working on some balance issues.
  • She is transitioning off the bottle and formula and onto the sippy-cup and whole milk. So far it has gone "just okay" - not great. 
  • Soon we will be tackling the pacifier. That should be fun. **eye-roll** Today I saw her walking around with one in her mouth and one in each hand. She likes to be prepared I guess.
  • She has taken to kind of humming along when mommy or daddy sing to her. No, it isn't exactly what we are singing, but she has caught on that she can join in, in her own little way. It is sweet.
  • Yesterday, she crawled up the stairs to our apartment without my help. Of course, I was behind her the whole way, but she made it on her own power! 
  • She loves her daddy. He hung the moon, you know. 
  • She loves to socialize. She doesn't know a stranger. She will go to anybody.
  • She thinks she is pretty funny. And she kind of is. She makes us laugh a lot. Sometimes we are trying not to laugh because she is doing something she shouldn't be. 
  • She loves the mirror. I don't think she is conceited, I just think she enjoys her own company.      (Now that I think of it, she DID kiss her reflection today...)
  • She gets pretty cranky when she is sleepy. I wonder who she got that from?
  • She is into EVERYTHING. She has learned to open her closet door and dresser drawers and she likes to pull the contents out- so her room looks like Babies R' Us exploded when she gets done playing.
  • She is climbing. The other day I was sitting at my desk which is positioned behind the sofa and an end table. She was playing in a little "safe" area. I had my back to her and all of the sudden I feel two little hands on my shoulders... she had climbed onto the sofa, then onto the end table and then leaned out to where I was sitting and grabbed my shoulders! Scared. me. to. death. 
Here are her 11 month photos. I took them on two different days, thus the wardrobe change-up. 
Please excuse my name being plastered all over the place. I have a real ego problem. I am working on it. 

It is my new watermark, and it is a little too ostentatious, so I will be redoing it. 
However, right now, I really don't have the energy (or the time) to go back and redo everything.
We'll just deal with it for now, alrighty?


Keith and Crystal said...

Darling little lady, Jodi! I had to laugh when I read that she walked around with a paci in each hand and one in her mouth. Kristyn did that all the time. She was happiest when she was like that. :)

I enjoy your blog!

Brenda said...

She is so cute! Nice pictures! :-)

sarahmfry said...

Gorgeous!! Love, love love.

Theresa said...

Breathtaking!!! Absolutely beautiful Can't make up my mind on which one to have printed... Take them all :))

Love you!

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