Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Carmen Miranda and Bowspiration

 Hello, Everyone!  

Happy Monday Tuesday.
I just thought I'd share a little bit about what is going on these days in our house. Chaos. That is all.
Ribbon everywhere. 
I've been making bows. 
BIG bows. 

I think of Carmen Miranda as my big bowspiration. (That's right, I coined a new phrase.)

When I make a bow, I say to myself, "Is this Carmen Miranda worthy?"


I was out shopping with my MIL and SIL recently and they found this iron decal that said:

I bought two (and some extra ribbon- one can never have too much of that).

Below is my most recent creation.
Now, not only do I feel superior to everyone else, but Carmen would be proud, also!
Norah, however, is not impressed.

Speaking of Norah...
The other day, I went to get Norah up from her nap. This is how I found her.
No, my child is NOT wearing a bolero shrug... that is her shirt which she managed to get half-way off.
She was pleased with herself as you can see.

Norah and Daddy have been spending some quality time together since quantity isn't really an option some days.

Her favorite word is still, "Dada." 

I'll just throw this one in for kicks... and because I think she is a cutie. 


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Queen of the Castle said...

OH how I wish you lived closer...we would have SUCH fun together making BIG bows for our girls -- & I think our girls would have SO much fun being ornery together! ;-) (LOVE the pic of Norah in the crib w/ her "bolero" shirt...I literally laughed out loud when i saw it!)

Liz said...

Adorable! I have no idea if we will have another girl, but I declare, I will accessorize with abandon if we ever do :>)

Jamie said...

She is just way tooo cute! Adorable pictures...

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