Sunday, July 31, 2011


July 1st was my brother's wedding in Seattle, WA. He married the lovely Jennifer Whitcomb and made her a Freeman.

Hooray for love!

So of course we flew to Seattle for the wedding. I'd have flown to China if need be to see my little brother tie the knot.

Norah's first airplane ride at eight months of age went great! She is a super duper traveler much to mommy and daddy's relief.  I wanted to get a picture of her with the pilot, but I was too chicken to ask- so we settled for a shot at the airport.

The night before the wedding we went out and did some sight seeing. Seattle is such an amazing city. It is completely different than what I am used to, but I could get used to it. Very beautiful.

Mr. M. feeling his oats. 

The first EVER Starbucks... of course it was closed so I didn't get to partake. Boo!

The morning of the wedding we were hanging out at the hotel and snapped some pics of the guys. Dapper gents they were. 

 At the boat (yes they were married on a boat) the sights around me were rich and I couldn't help but take a few snaps.
  Jonathan and Jennifer were married on this boat, the Virginia V (5). It was a lovely historical setting.
  Her flowers were breath taking. I love the lemons.

The Space Needle was visible from the boat. Funny, how I always imagined it to be WAY bigger. Yes, it is big, but in comparison to some of the buildings around it, it appeared rather diminutive.

My oh my... I love sailboats!

Dad posing for me- what a great sport!


The lovely cake- it was yummy too.

Papa and Norah Jayne having a great time visiting

Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Ron - By the way, Uncle Ron did a fantastic job officiating the wedding. 
It was wonderful to visit with them again.

Mom and Dad - I LOVE this photo of them. 

Daddy and Norah Jayne - First dance

PS - I feel horrible that I didn't get any pics of the bride and groom together... I could kick myself. 
I will say this- she was the loveliest bride I have ever seen, and Jonathan wasn't too shabby either.

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Sara said...

I LOVE the photo of Norah and her Papa. Your photography is spectacular, as always! I feel like I need to see Seattle now.

Jodi said...

Thanks, Sara! You and Matt would definitely love Seattle.

Jen Black said...

your pictures were breathtaking and I loved them all! Thanks for posting them :) I will agree, based on pictures, that Jennifer was a gorgeous bride :)

Theresa said...

Thanks, Jodi for the great pictures. You did an awesome job.

Karon said...

You definitely have skillz on the photography department Mrs. Marshall. Beautiful pictures. I agree...I too, love that picture of your Mom & Dad. ;)

Making Memories 1999 said...

You make Seattle look GREAT!! And it looks like the wedding was just lovely! The pictures of your Mom and Dad, the one of Norah and her Papa, and Norah with her Daddy were so beautiful!! You definately have a talent, girl! Thank you for posting.

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