Friday, June 3, 2011

Roberts Family Reunion 2011

So, this past month my mom's side of the family, the Roberts, had a family reunion. Actually, it was more than that. It was also an estate auction for my grandpa, Russell Roberts.

It sounds all cut and dried- but can you imagine having all your possessions auctioned off? I think it would be very difficult for anyone to face, so the family gathered and decided to be there to support grandpa on this momentous day.

The night before the reunion/auction we stayed at my sister and brother (bil) house and had a wonderful time as always! Just for kicks I have included the above bath time picture of Norah and cousin Ellie... two of the sweetest little girls this side of the Mason-Dixon. In my (oh so) humble opinion...

The following pictures were taken at the reunion/auction. You may notice (ahem) the yellow attire we are all sporting. These t-shirts were lovingly made by Becca Hoard and an unnamed cohort.

So in the spirit of family, camaraderie and (MOST IMPORTANT) so that we didn't get mistaken for the all the non-family riffraff  members we all wore our VERY yellow t-shirts.
 Right: Norah- 7 months and Left: Ellie- 9 months

 Below: Ellie Lynn - with the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen!

 Below: Norah getting friendly with a total stranger (at least to me)- she wanted to go to her and so I let her. She was very taken with this women.
 Below: Grandpa Roberts

Grandpa Roberts and Austin (first cousin once removed) talkin' and pickin'

 Below: Hunter and Blake
 Below: The Second Cousins

Hmmm... Who is this handsome hunk and this beautiful little girl?
 Below: Fast Friends... Jacob (my nephew) and Makayla (my first cousin once removed).
 Below: ALMOST all of the second cousins!

 Daddy and Norah
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