Friday, April 22, 2011


 Here are some snaps that I took this month. 
Mr. M. was kind to be the subject of my photos. It's not his favorite thing to do, but he was a good sport. 
A handsome sport...

It is hard to believe we will be celebrating FIVE years in July! 
I'm a lucky lady.

 This is Norah Jayne, do you recognize her? She is grinning from ear to ear! 
This smile melts mommy's heart!
She's so sweet.

The official 6 month picture with Mr. Ted E. Bear
She is sitting up all by herself! Such a big girl.

Sunny window shots taken in my kitchen. Norah loved the spring breeze and sunshine this day! So did I.

I have these little bee and posy gels that cling to the window. 
They are cheery and Norah is fascinated by them.

My dear mom came to visit for a few hours last Friday afternoon- wow has it already been a week?!!
She has been so busy getting things ready for my grandpa Roberts to move to Kansas with her and my dad.
We were glad that she was able to visit. Norah got some Nana lovin'.

I just included this picture to symbolize the changes that are happening in Norah's diet. 
She is on a four hour schedule and eats four times a day.
So far she has eaten brown rice cereal, green peas, and green beans! 
She really enjoys her veggies... which makes mommy happy.
Next week we are going to try carrots. 

This training cup she is holding is just so that she can get used to drinking from a sippy cup. 
I am not giving her any fruit juices yet... 
I usually put an ounce or two of water in it and let her experiment. 
She is SLOWLY getting the hang of it.

 Well that's it for now!

Tonight we have the Aldersgate Christian Academy Junior/Senior Banquet. 
Mr. M. is the Junior class sponsor so he is going to be a busy bee and I am taking the photos tonight... 
wish me luck!

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Theresa said...

Love ALL the pictures. Filling up my spaces with gorgeous pics
Jodi you need to start your own studio, seriously.
Have a great weekend.
Love you all!!

Jen Black said...

Your title reminded me of the little book "The Traveler".. have you read it? Its a beautiful little book about a man who can't decide what to spend all his hours, minutes and itsy bitsy seconds on so he travels the world. Anyways, I love how you call Kirk, Mr. M. Its very cute! As always, love all the pictures!

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