Wednesday, February 3, 2010


You know how sometimes you get that word stuck in your head and whenever you are trying to think of a particular word, or remember someone’s name, or think of something witty to say, that word sprints from your frontal lobe to the precipice of your tongue and threatens to nose dive on an unsuspecting audience?


Well, I’ve been having that issue recently.
The culprit word is zipper.
Yes, zipper.
I really have no idea, but it has gotten so bad that even when I try to update my Facebook status all that comes to mind is zipper.

If you think about it (and I have been) it does have its qualities.
For example, it is alive and fresh sounding. Zipper is a really chipper word.

(Zipper… chipper… it rhymes!).

It has real sparkle quality like so many other words that begin with Z

(For example: Zigzag! Zest! Ziti! Zappy! Zebra! Zealot! Zenith! Zoom!)

However, sparkle quality aside; it is a very cliché Z word. Like the letter A and apple or C and cat

(I suppose this speaks to my subconscious mental mediocrity.)

Why couldn’t I have a Z word like zoot (as in zoot suit) lodged in the old steel trap?
Now that’s a word with character and history! Certainly if I accidently shouted Zoot suit!” people would be impressed at my off-beat verbiage and would think more highly of me than if I suddenly exclaimed “Zipper!”

I am hopping that this is a temporary condition.


Making Memories 1999 said...

Wish that you could have ZIPPED on down with your hubby this past weekend! We could have had a ZAPPY time eating ZITI, as we ZIGZAGGED up US1!!

You are great! Love the sparkle in YOU!

Char said...

Had a few extra minutes today to drink coffee and peruse posts...always love the way you write ... jealous a very Christian sort of way of course..thanks for posting pictures of the nephews too...sure do miss them!

Jo said...

I'm so glad to hear that this happens to others. The word that is continually floating around in my brain is, randomly enough, fiduciary...why? I'm glad I have company! :)

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