Thursday, December 10, 2009

GBSC Faculty & Staff Banquet

We had a lot of fun last night. The food was delicious- but the entertainment took the cake.

It started out with singing a few good old Christmas songs with Mandy Buckland at the keyboard. She did an excellent job. Her rendition of Jingle Bells during the gift wrapping game was my favorite.

Speaking of which…we then moved on to one-handed gift wrapping. It is a team sport that involves two people, two hands, and 90 seconds to wrap one box. It is similar to the three legged race- except legs were not involved (maybe a few elbows- but no legs).
The funniest duo to watch was Dr. Allan Brown and Bro. Larry Smith. I will say that they were very methodical about it- and very neat. The outcome was…interesting.
Kirk and Helen Reiff were teammates representing the Academy; however, victory eluded them when they lost their scotch tape and could not finish the project.

Previously to the banquet, Sherilyn had everyone submit five things about themselves that were relatively obscure. Then, she had them typed up (leaving off the names) and handed them out at the banquet so that everyone could guess who was who. I had no idea I worked with such neurotic crazy interesting people! Needless to say, we had a few good laughs.

The evening's entertainment ended with Sonja Vernon narrating a skit that was both humorous & thought provoking, starring: Adam Profitt, and co-starring: Jenny Fikes, Brent Lavy, Helen Reiff, Sherilyn Marshall, and Monica Williams. (I might have missed someone…sorry!)

Before we left, I persuaded Kirk to get this picture taken by a local dignitary*.

It really was a delightful evening.

(*President Avery…this explains why we look a little nervous!)

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Andy, Dixie, Carson and Kenzie said...

Stumbled into your blog and loved this post. Sounds like a fun evening. I always enjoyed the Christmas dinner and entertainment!
Take care.

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