Sunday, April 12, 2009

Since my last post I've...

Had my Mom and Dad for a visit

Watched my nephew Jacob get dedicated

Visited the Newport Aquarium

Agreed to get a piano

Watched Bill, Kirk and four of his students carry said piano into the basement.

Had the rose bush removed from the front lawn

Got an oil change

Had a flat tire

Bought a new tire

Quit my job

Made a career change

Started a new job

Wear Church cloths six days a week

Found out that I am going to be an Aunt...again

Went to a John Tesh concert with Mandy, Sonja and Andrea

Made three dozen cinnamon rolls

Noticed a strange od0r emanating from the basement drain

Had my basement flooded by sewage back flowing from the stinky drain

Threw away two dozen cinnamon rolls

Moved my love seat from the basement into the kitchen

Moved my computer from the basement to the hallway

Gave up Internet for three days

Killed a Majestic Palm

Planted a Calla Lilly bulb

Had my taxes done- (finally ol' Ceasar "rendered (a little bit) unto me...")

Had my sewage soiled carpet removed from the basement (partially)

Moved the computer from the hallway to the kitchen table

Drilled a hole in the kitchen floor to access the Internet

Turned twenty-nine

Sipped an unexpected Starbucks compliments of Jennifer, Zach and Jake

Went to Verizon

Got a Blackberry (Happy Birthday from Kirk)

Organized my basement

Got impatient and removed the rest of the sewage soiled carpet by myself




Went out with Jennifer, Chad and boys to celebrate our birthdays

Went to a Pancake Breakfast at Kenwood

Wished my Dad a Happy Birthday

Watched an Easter Egg hunt

Planted three new shrubs, and some ground cover

Celebrated the love of SUGAR with friends at Cheesecake Factory

Celebrated Easter with family

Finally did a little bit of blogging


Liz said...

I always love it when you update . . . makes me wish I was one of the ones who got to chat with you over starbucks . . .

Robyn Huff said...

GREAT POST!!! Thanks for the pictures of Zach and Jake from Easter...they look adorable as always!

Karon Willoughby said...

enjoyed your post. you always make me laugh!! ;)

David and Sarah Fry said...

Thank you ever so much for the update. I've been waiting....

So I'm curious. What's your career change?

And my sincerest sympathies about your sewer carpet.

Travis said...

Jodi. Where you workin now?

I might be up there this fall. Seriously. :)

Anonymous said...

What a FUN blog, Jodi ~ it made me smile!:) Sounds like you've been busy! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
Smiles, Ruthanne

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