Friday, February 6, 2009

I haven't posted since January 5th...!?

It has been snowing a lot recently. I have pictures to prove it.

Actually, I am getting a little weary of the dreary...

On a brighter note-
We recently had some sunshine come our way-
A group from Hobe Sound, Florida came through Cincinnati on their way to Kentucky.

They were a group of TLC teammates from a South African trip in 2006 who were raising support for TLC's upcoming mission trips to various countries this summer.
They were going to just pass through- but ended up staying a little longer due to the inclement weather.
It all worked out though because- even though they missed their engagement in Kentucky- they were able to speak to the Aldersgate high school students in an impromptu chapel- and several students signed up!

Jeremy was the co-team leader of the group. It is always great to see our old young friend-
When he arrived he could barely keep his eyes open- in fact, I was sure he would fall to sleep in his soup and "nearly divine" toasted roast beef sandwich. He did not.

The best part is, EVERYTHING is funny when you are sleep deprived. So we felt really witty.

After a few hours of rest... it was all we could do to keep him contained.
You'll be glad to know, Mr. M. survived this brutal attack- and is no worse for the wear.

Another fun thing- my mom sent me this really awesome coffee cup... for Valentine's day!
I know, I know- we are spoiled rotten...
If you click on the picture, I think/hope you will be linked to the website-
Just push the Play icon, and you should be able to hear hoops and yoyo do what they do best...

(I did not take this photo- it is from the Hallmark website.)

I love Coffee- and I love this coffee cup- it makes me smile. Thanks Mom!

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JenofWA said...

I listened to the cup :) It made me smile

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