Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If art Imitates life...

I feel like this.
Black Square
By: Kazimir Malevich

"The square = feeling, the white field = the void beyond this feeling."


Making Memories 1999 said...

So glad that our trust is in the Lord and not our surroundings! Stay encouraged, cuz!!

Jodi said...

So true, Becca-
I just enjoy being a "little" mellow dramatic sometimes...;-)

The Arender's said...

Dear Jodi,
I would love to sit and talk (over a cupacoffee)about this big black sqaure with all the white stuff around it..I am not sure, but I think maybe I have been that way before too ;-) Just wanted you to know you have been on my mind. I have been wondering how you were doing....long before I saw this post. Maybe I should have been praying you you - Huh. Hope you are doing better. Wish we could have an opportunity to catch up on all of the years. Sorry this is so is late.....I can't sleep and got to thinking about a black box and white stuff.

The Arender's said...

that would be praying for you...not you you -duh

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