Thursday, October 16, 2008

"...Say it with a Slip."

So, I was browsing the the ol' www the other day and I googled "modest clothing"-

I ran across a variety of Muslim sites.
The LDS Church (Mormon) had quite a few too.
The Orthodox Jews had a strong showing... and even those wonderful southern Baptists had a sight or two.

It was really interesting to see the variety of clothing options each site offered-
Each with their own perspective on modesty.

In my browsing I ran across this sight called

I am kind of a fan of all things vintage so I click- WaLaa!
I saved some images from their site to show that stealing? I hope not.
This image below is their "header".

Kind of
Anthropologiesque...don't you agree?
P.S. - Anthropologie is one of my very favorite stores- if only to browse...and wish.

I am NOT a huge fan of camouflage- but I use it just to give an example of what a "Vintage Hem" is... get the idea.

Take a skirt that on its own may be a "hair" too short for comfort
(or for other peoples comfort), and add a Hemmed slip like below.
Now the skirt is wearable.

The Decoy

This one (Below) is my personal favorite.

It is called Eyeful of Lace, distressed black

I also like this one... Have a Ball, Black... lovely!

Anyway, I encourage you to click on any of the pictures above and check the Vintage Hem out.
They have many other options.

Let's all do our part to stimulate this economy...
Happy shopping!


Tucker's Family said...

Hmmm...I like...on you for sure...but I think I might be pushing it...

I'm expecting to see some lace come out of the house across the street!! Can't wait to see your creative alterations!!

Jodi said...

ha! well, I haven't bought anything yet...

Tamra said...

Very interesting!!

Misty said...

Very interesting! Most of the cute skirts are too short for me. I am not sure I could pull it off, maybe with the eyelet ones. I think they would looke great on you though!

Nix the purple tights and teal shoes though :-)

Mary Ellen said...

If you come up with any similar creations (or buy anything you saw on the site) I hope we get to see you in it!

Jodi said...

Now is that because you just want to see ME- or because you want to snicker at my stylin' new duds?

Making Memories 1999 said...

I like the new twist on skirts!! You would look adorable in them!

Elaine said...

For more modest fashion check out!

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