Saturday, October 25, 2008


It is definitely sweater weather!
Besides the great event that is "pulling out the sweater and coat box from storage and checking each item for fit, style, and signs of moth activity"... we have been busy about life this October.
I noticed I had pictures documenting most of our activities and decided to play a little catch up.
Are you ready to be totally thrilled?
Oh, Good.
Starting off the month the right way- my mom- Theresa- came for a visit... I stole this collage from her blog because I am shameless!
While mom was in town, we took a trip to Indiana to see my Grandpa, Russell Roberts,and Grandma Sue
... and to let them see their great grand kids, Zach and Jake!
It was really special to drive around see the old house that holds so many special memories.
We also got to visit my grandma's grave-
Having Mom in town is always a treat- and always goes by way to quickly.

I finally finished my IV class... all that is left is to do my clinical work at Jewish Hospital- which should be done by the 30th.
I took some pictures of my classroom and of Mr. ARM.
He was a good sport- I never heard him complain once! I must be really good (wink).

October 10th and 11th GBS had Homecoming and Home Fest. Home Fest is when each college/ high school class, and the different college organizations set up booths to sell food, drinks and other goodies. Each booth is judged and the winner gets $100.00 for their class or organization.
Mr. M. is the High school Freshman class sponsor.
They did the Nifty Fifties theme, and sold Root beer floats and chili-dogs in the "Frosh Diner." It was a really cute idea. The parents pitched in and helped and my dear MIL, Sherilyn, spent HOURS working so diligently. We couldn't have done it without her...THANK YOU!

I am not sure that all the kids were thrilled to be dressed like nerdy soda jerks and car hops, but... Mr. M. had a blast! Unfortunately they didn't win- but everyone seemed to keep a stiff upper lip.
It was great to see Scott and Ashley too! They came for a quick visit and got to enjoy the festivities as well.

About a week and a half ago, My sister, Jennifer, and I went to Eden Park to take some
pictures of the boys and to let Zach run and play- two year olds have lots of energy, and he is no exception to that rule! It was both challenging and rewarding to try to capture this moving target on film.
Jake is five months- nearly six- and he is just the cutest little guy... his grin melts my heart. He was so much fun to photograph. To see more of their pictures CLICK HERE!

This past weekend we were able to attend Youth Challenge in West Harrison, Indiana.
As an extra bonus, Scott and Ashley came from North Carolina and surprised everyone!
It was so nice to have them here twice this month! They are the best...

We also got to see friends from Hobe Sound- It was great to see Jeremy, a wonderful friend of Mr. M's and mine. He was in South Africa when we moved from Hobe Sound to Cincinnati- so it had been several months since we had all gotten together- it was great to see him and catch up!
He seems to have developed a rare disease that causes his tongue to stick out whenever a camera comes into view... we hope this is not an on going problem for him.

And last, but not least, my brother, Jonathan, had a birthday yesterday- he is the ripe old age of twenty-five. He is attending school in Hobe Sound, so we were unable to celebrate with him- though we had him close to heart and mind all day...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little brother!!!

Well, so far these are the highlights... we have been blessed with so many good things!


Theresa said...

Oh Jodi, you are so creative!! Love your blog. I don't mind that you need to steal my pictures. :)

Karon Willoughby said...

Great catching up with you! I so enjoy your make me smile! ;)

Keith and Crystal said...

I enjoy your blog, too, although I don't comment often. :) Isn't that the greatest feeling when you're done with IV Cert class and you've PASSED. I well remember those days.

I enjoy your pictures!

Regi said...

It was great hanging out with you guys also! We should do it again sometime soon :o)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Really enjoyed the newsy post, AND of course the pictures. Again, you are very creative, and did such a great job with Jen/boys pictures!! Thanks for sharing the update!

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