Friday, May 9, 2008

A Week in Pictures- almost

Ok, so I bought a sewing machine. My mom is probably wondering about my mental status right now because about four years ago, at my request, she tried to teach me how to use a sewing machine- not only that, but she even bought one for me to use. Needless to say, it didn't take. I guess I just wasn't up to the challenge, and so mom ended up keeping the machine, and I- my pride. For the past four years I have proclaimed widely that I cannot be taught to sew.

But I digress...
The new machine: one night as I lay abed, I pondered the fact that it would be very helpful if I could sew. Mr. M. has some pants that need altered and I have a few things that need to be fixed occasionally... maybe I could even make some new scrub skirts... or whip up a curtain, or two. The possibilities were making me dizzy, as well as sleepless- so in my briefest moment of insanity (I say briefest, because there have been longer moments), and in a sleep deprived state, I quickly did a little research online. Meanwhile, Mr. M. lay sound asleep, having no clue that his erratic wife was about to hop into the car and drive feverishly towards Wal-Mart... at 5:00 AM.
I found a little machine on sale, it was the LAST one on the shelf, and it said right on the package that it was "for beginners...easy to use...any moron could use this machine!" (OK, I may be paraphrasing...)
I bought it.
When I got home, I sat the box on the sofa and dared it to intimidate me. I vowed that I would conquer it and bolstered by my over inflated self confidence, I quickly opened the box. The instructions were straight forward and I followed them religiously. Soon the bobbin was loaded and the needle was threaded! I thought, hmmm, now I just need something to sew...
I had the urge to sew Mr. M's shirt cuffs closed- it would have been funny, but- then I would have had to rip out the threads- and that just seemed like too much work.
So, instead, I decided to fix a skirt with a huge split in it- I don't have problem with skirts having splits, but this one was obscene. I had some blue material and I made an "acordian split" (see below because I have NO idea what I am talking about!)
Anyway, my first project went rather smoothly and I am proud to say- I can sorta sew!

After running out of things to fix...I realized that I could do crafts too! So I got out my card stock and started experaminting... below is my first project. It is a card. I would show the whole card- but I don't want to spoil the surprise for the person I am sending it too.
The stitching on the yellow ribbon is not my doing- just the blue thread.

Because I was spending so much time practicing on my sewing machine, my poor husband had to fend for himself for dinner- just kidding! He was having a little "carb fest" one morning- Note the serving fork he is using... maybe it is time to wash the only FOUR forks that I have not already boxed up for the move...?

Later in the week I was doing some laundry. It was such a warm day that I decided to dry Mr. M's shirts in the sunshine. I love cloth lines-
While I hung the shirts, Mally inspected my work... until she got distracted my an itch.

It was a good week. Full of surprising new challenges. With that said, I will leave you with this "nugget of wisdom" - don't "accidentally" cut up a pair of your husbands jeans to practice sewing on... even if they are old and raggedy. He may not want a throw pillow made out of denim after all... who knew?


Tucker's Family said...

Jodi - I love your spontaniety!! You are amazingly creative...and my first sewing project could never compare to what you accomplished with that skirt!! WOW!! You have all kinds of hidden talents. The more I think about it the more amazed!! (My mouth is hanging open as I type -- good thing we aren't Skyping!!)

Love, Sherilyn (your astounded M-I-L)

Nonentity said...

You made me laugh at that mental image...=)
I am sorta glad that we are not skyping right now too- as I am not in skyping appropriate attire. ;-)

Sara said...

Jodi you amaze me. I am still in the "I could never be taught to sew" mindset. You just might inspire me...

Ashley said...

WOW!! Now, I know who to come too when I need things fixed!!! You are AMAZZZING! I got some major splits I need fixed. I love clotheslines...Scott made me one for my birthday, b.c I wouldn't stop asking for one! I guess I'm weird like that! But it's like the Amish ones :) where you can pull from our back porch, retractable type of thing! Love it ta death! Miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

Nonentity said...

awesome... that way you never have to leave your house!

Mary Ellen said...

Wow - as someone who as attempted a little sewing a long time ago (and whose mother sews very well) I'm VERY impressed that you started with a not so easy project...and did a great job!

I'm SO BUMMED you guys are moving. I was really looking forward to your husband teaching my kids...I'm still pouting about it as a matter of fact...REALLY BUMMED!!!!

Travis said...

its good to know other people lie awake at night, wondering at different things and ideas. once i get something in my head, i have to analyze every detail and aspect before i succumb to sleep. it can be aggravating.

sewing on card stock
[thats ingenious]

and once again you make laundry into art with that picture.
what talent.

Making Memories 1999 said...

I always knew you were talented!! Now, again, you've proved it!! :-) Great job on the skirt!!! I'm impressed! Enjoyed your "week in review" So looking forward to seeing you all more often!!! (Sorry, Mary Ellen!) Have a great week!

fab5 said...

You talented lil' stinker you!!
My mother-in-law gave me her sewing machine but have yet to learn how to use it. When I got it I just pictured myself just sewing away...those pictures are still in my head and have not put them to use! Needless to say...the sewing machine is still sitting in my closet.
Where are you moving to?

Nonentity said...

Karon- we are moving to Cincinnati, Ohio. More on that later...

Jenn said...

my dear jodi~ you never cease to crack me up! miss you ever so much!
<3, jenn

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