Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Morning

A Morning

Awake against my will.

Drink yellow pineapple, inky black berries and greens.

Brush my teeth, my hair, and then practice a smile in the mirror.

Sip my husband's unfinished coffee.

Coffee will stain my teeth, I think dismissively.

Another sip of coffee.

Dress in crisp white and startling blue uniform- sensible white clogs.

Lunch, purse, keys, sunglasses, yellow sweater, notebook-

Things I need.

Another cup of coffee.

A deep breath.

One last longing look at my bed.

Out the door against my will.


Theresa said...

ok, how did you do that. Another really neat blog.

Nonentity said...

Thanks Mom...I think you are my biggest fan. =)

Travis said...

that picture is beautiful.
and something about the phrase
"sensible clogs"
reminds me of something an accomplished author would write.

Nonentity said...

Travis, you're a funny fellow!

Sara said...

Love the poem! The picture is just gorgeous. I always enjoy your blogs...

Travis said...

ok so it was a poem. :D
i tend to bury my head in the sand
when it comes to discerning the
difference between liberal verse and vivid prose.

"funny fellow".
i speak from the heart. ;D

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