Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jayhawks Advance to the Elite Eight!

Tonight the gang (Mr. M., Jonathan, and myself) followed the Villanova/KU game via the Internet... I am proud to say that KU won 72 to57! Yipeee...
The hot cocoa flowed, cookies were voraciously consumed, and fun was had by all.


Theresa said...

Yipee is right!!!! Go YAYHAWKS!!

Theresa said...

OOPS, jayhawks NOT yayhawks :) too funny!!!

Nonentity said...

Ha! That was funny!!

fab5 said...

Congrats on your Jayhawks winning the National Championship last night. I watched it...what an exciting game hey! If I had your number I would have called you when they made that last shot right before the buzzer went off to go into OT!
I was rootin' for them b/c I knew the Freeman family were HUGE fans!! ;)


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