Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Post Script

Originally, I wanted to create & post a movie/slide show to share our Christmas adventures...but, I knew it would take me too long to get it all together
(not to mention the fact that the music I wanted to use was in Mr. M's Christmas stocking just waiting to be discovered...).
So, I did a mini slide show...without music, etc. However, after I convinced Mr. M. to open "just one" stocking stuffer a little bit early... I went ahead with my original plan, and now it is finished.
Although a lot of these pics were in my original mini slide show...(sorry)...I just had to post them again.
Because, by George, this is MY BLOG...and I can do whatever I please!
Besides, I promise... this is the last time I will post any of these Christmas photos.
Thanks again to all our wonderful family members for making Christmas such a great time.
We love and miss everyone of you!
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Jenn said...

your slide show was AWESOME! you are really good at that stuff! thanks for sharing - i didn't care in the least bit that you used pictures again! :-) hope you're having a great week!

Travis said...

charlie brown is appropriate in any slideshow. i had alot of fun sunday night playing balderdash with you and kirk among others.

Nana said...

Loved the slide show! It was great seeing you all again. Miss you too and hope to see you in a few weeks. Pregnant M was so funny.

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